Money Transfer

When sending money overseas to your loved ones, what are the qualities you value most from your Money Transfer services provider?

  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Quick delivery
  • Up-to-date and competitive exchange rates
  • Fast, hassle-free money transfer.

Danesh Exchanges’ national and international money transfer services tick all those boxes.
And we can prove it:

  •  SAFE: A licensed foreign exchange and money transfer centre, your financial transactions will always be ensured by our security systems, the latest and safest in the industry, akin to those used by most banks. Our commitment to national and international security regulations guarantees that all government normative is strictly followed by our personnel in every single transaction.
  • QUICK: Our “Ten Minute” Award-winning Service guarantees your money to be accessed by the beneficiary in 25 different countries in the world within only ten (10) minutes.
  • COMPETITIVE: Backed by 13 years’ experience in the foreign exchange and money transfer industry, we can deliver the best currency exchange.
    So don’t waste your time talking to the banks or other foreign currency exchange centres in Melbourne. Just call on our office in Dandenong and our friendly and expert staff will do their utmost to get you the highest possible foreign exchange rate.
    If you prefer, you can get in touch by calling us on 03 8753 7566.
  • HASSLE-FREE: Our one-stop currency exchange and money transfer shop will save you that troublesome trip to the bank and the complex wire transfer process applied by these institutions.

So whether you are sending money to your family or friends anywhere in the world or whether you are expecting a certain amount to be sent to you here in Australia, Danesh Exchange offers the simple, straight forward solution you deserve. Our very satisfied customers appreciate the minimal paperwork required, our simple “no questions asked” money transfer services as they appreciate our No Commissions policy.

In a little over a decade at Danesh Exchange we have become well-known in Victoria for our competitive exchange rates, our fast, secure and simple transactions and we work very hard every single day to maintain that reputation.
To find out more about our Currency Exchange or Money Transfer services, please give our very personable customer service representatives in Melbourne a call on 03 8753 7566