Currency Exchange

Zero (0) commission on your Currency Exchange?

Yes, you´ve heard us correctly. As hard as that is to believe, Danesh Exchange will not charge you any exorbitant Money exchange. In fact, Danesh will not charge you any fees at all.

Having been in the currency exchange business since 2001 we know how important it is for customers like yourself to get the best possible exchange before embarking on your trip. That´s why we are always committed to deliver unbeatable exchange rates and charge you no commission for our services.
Whatever the type of currency you need to exchange (our list is extensive and includes AFN, JPY, NOK, AED, IDR, CAD, PKR, CNY, SAR, DKK, SGD, EUR, FJD, HKD, INR, THB, MYR, EUR, TWD, USD or GBP), Danesh Exchange will get you the best currency rates in Melbourne. None of the big players like banks or foreign exchange currency centres can beat our rates.

So whether you need to exchange your Australian dollars when departing the country or whether you are returning from your holidays overseas with some spare cash to convert, Danesh Exchange are the currency exchange suppliers you can trust.

Keen to find out more? –   Get the latest exchange rates by calling our friendly team in Melbourne on

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Below are the main currencies that Danesh Exchange buy and sell.

usa USD – America usa EUR – Europe
usa GBP – United Kingdom usa NZD – New Zealand
usa CAD – Canada usa MYR – Malaysia
usa THB – Thailand usa SGD – Singapore
usa FJD – Fiji usa IDR – Indonesia
usa AED – United Arab Emirates usa CNY – China`